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Flat Panel, Structural Shapes, Complex Profiles, and Secondary Equipment
  •   Flat Panel

    Fiberglass pultruded flat panel/sheet can be used alone or in combination with other materials, such glass fiber reinforced plastic sandwich panels, fiberglass reinforced plastic honeycomb panels, it’s mainly used in the field of logistics, furniture, decoration, home & other fields.

    The fiberglass reinforced plastic sheet has excellent impact resistance, it is the ideal material for roofing as well as fiberglass floor plate & widely used in construction, municipal engineering facilities, billboards, office and living partition, industrial protective cover, elevated road noise screens, ceiling lighting. Strong characteristics are that it's high strength with light weight, long life span, corrosion resistant, fire retardant & low maintenance.

  •   Structural Shapes

    Structural pultruded profiles are made of composite materials consisting of synthetic organic resins & usually glass & are composed of long fibers & mats which are also called Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP); Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GRFP) & Carbon Fiber (CF) in the case of carbon fibers.

    These pultruded fiberglass profiles are replacing steel & aluminum shapes which are light weight, corrosion resistant, high strength & thermal insulated. They also ensure resistance to corrosion from various atmospheric agents and are completely immune to electromagnetic interference.

    Pultruded composite materials are about 70% lighter than steel. They also ensure resistance to corrosion from various atmospheric agents & are completely immune to electromagnetic interference. Due to all problems related to corrosion and electromagnetic interference composite materials is recommended especially in the civil & industrial industry, as well as significantly lower maintenance costs.

  •   Complex Profiles

    Complex profiles are Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) components, manufactured from a wide variety of high performance thermosetting resins & reinforcements. These Profiles are manufactured with enhanced stiffness, rigidity & lightness are widely used in agriculture, chemical, construction, aerospace electrical power, commercial & the automotive industry. Some examples are as follows:

    •      Highly complex fiberglass profiles such as window lineals, made with consistent high quality
    •      Commodity shapes such as tubes & utility poles
    •      I-beams, W beams, channel, equal & unequal Angles, square tubes, rectangular tubes, Solid Rods, solid square bar, studs & nuts.
  •   Reference List

    With over 30 installations globally Kent Pultrusion offers a wide range of custom solutions for your manufacturing needs.
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Kent Pultrusion Machines ServoPul Technology

Kent Pultrusion's ServoPul Machines introduce servo motor and drive technology to control pulling and clamping forces and register monitored feedback to the operating system.

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ServoPul 1000 Series

Small Scale Solution

The ServoPul 1000 Series is perfect for companies ranging from startups with lighter production specifications all the way up to today’s industry standard pultruded profiles, including thin and heavy walled structural shapes. Pulling window and pulling and clamping forces can all be customized according to customer specifications.

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ServoPul 2000 Series

Large Scale Solution

For larger structural profiles, the ServoPul 2000 Series is customized to provide more pulling and clamping force along with added pulling window width and super structural support for the die. Optional dual lane cut to length saw for increased efficiency in multiple cavity production.

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ServoPul CS Series

Custom Solution

Designed to accommodate everything from advanced polyurethane resin applications to electrical grade pultruded sheet and heavy walled large structural profiles. Our engineers work closely with the customer in every facet of design to provide a finished machine dialed and tuned exactly to customer specifications.

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Kent ServoPul™ Pultrusion Technology

What sets us apart from other pultrusion machines is the elimination of hydraulics with the Kent ServoPul™ Technology. With servos, all the inherited problems that a standard hydraulic system exhibits are no longer an issue. Pulling and clamping forces precisely controlled utilizing Servo/Ball Screw combination with zero backlash. Our servos also are within OSHA requirements for sound pressure (Db) levels. Hydraulics do not meet requirement levels. Servos provide 100% torque at zero RPM. Data collection with Servos is infinite and exact.

  • ServoPul 1610 20K lb. Pultrusion Line Processing Ladder Rails

  • Winch & Cross Cut Saw as part of a ServoPul 3012 40K lb. Puller Processing custom Electrical Insulator Profiles

  • Clamping for a Quad Lane ServoPul 0806 40K lb. Puller Processing Automotive Profiles

  • Kent ServoPul 3624 70K lb. Puller Processing Utility Poles

  • Utility Pole Saw as part of a ServoPul 3624 70K lb. Puller

  • Dual Clamps for a ServoPul 3212 20K lb. Puller

  • Kent ServoCat Caterpillar Puller processing Composite Rebar

  • Flat Sheet 70K Die Press as part of a ServoPul 5408 50K lb. Puller

  • Stand Alone 50” wide Flat Sheet cross-Cut Saw installed on an existing Puller

  • Carbon Fiber Winder Assemblies - Kent ServoPul Dual Puller

  • Multi Cut Dump Tray Saw System for Composite Dowels

  • ServoPul 1213 10 lb. Pultrusion Line

  • DualPul ServoPul 3214 30K lb. Pultrusion Line

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